indemnify in‧dem‧ni‧fy [ɪnˈdemnfaɪ] verb indemnified PTandPP
1. [intransitive, transitive] LAW to promise to pay for a financial loss that a person or organization may have:

• You can be indemnified against claims for professional negligence, ruined holidays and so on.

2. [transitive] INSURANCE to pay someone money because of loss, injury, or damage that they have suffered:

• In accordance with the new policy, the company has agreed to indemnify the directors for any previous losses.

— indemnification noun [countable, uncountable] :

• the indemnification of the firm against liability

* * *

indemnify UK US /ɪnˈdemnɪfaɪ/ verb [T]
INSURANCE, LAW to pay someone for loss or damage that they have suffered, or to formally promise to do this: idemnify sb against sth »

The insurer will indemnify the policyholder against loss of or damage to the motor car.

idemnify sb for sth »

The victim was indemnified for lost income.


The customer shall fully indemnify the company against any costs or expenses.

LAW to protect someone from having legal responsibility for something: »

idemnify sb against sth


Directors cannot be indemnified against liability for negligence.

indemnification noun [C or U]

Trustees are entitled to indemnification for expenses and liabilities.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

, (against loss, injury, or penalty) / (for loss or injury), , , ,

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